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Simple Way to Have Live Streaming

Again, it’s always worth spending some time getting your kit set up – and making sure you know how to use it – before you schedule or announce your first live event. Virtually none of this is really complicated – but it takes some getting used to so you can concentrate on the actual event you’re trying to deliver and not spend most of it worrying whether you even hit the ‘Go live’ button properly or not. (Fun story: I spent the first 30 minutes of one livestream unsure if we were even streaming because Facebook wasn’t feeding the video back for some reason.)

Then beyond that, you can really focus on enjoying it and delivering the best live events you can.

As I said before, livestreams are a really fun way of engaging with the audience you already have as well as growing that audience. So if you’re interested in finding a new platform for yourself and the things you create, for a couple hundred dollars and a few hours figuring out how everything works, making the time to do a livestream or two will probably be a really valuable step forward.

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